Vol 154, No 2/3 (2016)

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Research Articles

Serotonin modifies the spontaneous spiking activity of gracile nucleus neurons in rats: role of 5-HT1A and 5-HT2 receptors PDF
C. Grasso, G. Li Volsi, M. Barresi 39-49
Harm aversion explains utilitarian choices in moral decision-making in males but not in females PDF
G. Rota, S. Palumbo, N. Lattanzi, A. Manfrinati, M. Sarlo, L. Lotto, P. Pietrini, R. Rumiati, S. Pellegrini 50-58
Long lasting musical training modifies language processing: a Dichotic Fused Word Test study. PDF
L. Sebastiani, E. Castellani 59-67
Cortical excitability in patients with resistance to thyroid hormone compared to patients with hypothyroidism and euthyroid controls: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study PDF
C. Terranova, V. Rizzo, A. Calamuneri, L. Bartolone, F. Morgante, D. Bruschetta, V. Roberto, P. Girlanda, S. Benvenga, A. Quartarone 68-77
A Statistical Proposal for Selecting a Data-depending Threshold in Neurobiology PDF
P. Finotelli, F. Panzica, P. Dulio, F. Rotondi, G. Varotto 78-101