Vol 154, No 4 (2016)

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Research Articles

Brain connectivity is altered by extreme physical exercise during non-REM sleep and wakefulness: indications from EEG and fMRI studies PDF
D Menicucci, C Gentili, A Piarulli, M Laurino, S Pellegrini, F Mastorci, R Bedini, D Montanaro, L Sebastiani, A Gemignani 103-117
Electrocortical spectral analysis and fractal methods for assessing the effects of unilateral brain injury on rat cerebellum PDF
L D Martac ́, S Sekulic ́, M Cvijanovic ́ 118-124
Evaluation of functional outcome measured by modified Rankin scale in rtPA treated patients with acute ischemic stroke PDF
B Georgievski-Brkic, M Savic, D Nikolic, L Nikcevic, M Vukicevic, D Kozic 125-132
Injection of Toll-like receptor 4 siRNA into the ventrolateral periaqueductal gray attenuates withdrawal syndrome in morphine-dependent rats PDF
Q F Liu, L Li, Y Q Guo, X Li, Z D Mou, X Wang, G Z Du 133-142
Further evidence of a prolonged hypotensive and a bradycardic effect after mandibular extension in normal volunteers PDF
C Del Seppia, S Ghione, Paola Foresi, E Fommei, D Lapi, A Colantuoni, R Scuri 143-150