Vol. 139, No 1/2 - In honour of N. Kleitman

Table of Contents

Research Articles

State-related discharge of neurons in the brainstem of freely moving box turtles, Terrapene carolina major. PDF
M. M. Eiland , O. I. Lyamin , J. M. Siegel 23-36
Active neocortical processes during quiescent sleep. PDF
M. Steriade 37-51
From slow waves to sleep homeostasis: new perspectives. PDF
A. A. Borbly 53-61
Hypothalamic sleep-promoting mechanisms: coupling to thermoregulation. PDF
D. McGinty , M. N. Alam , R. Szymusiak , M. Nakao , M. Yamamoto 63-76
Preoptic area sleep-regulating mechanisms. PDF
R. Szymusiak , T. Steininger , N. Alam , D. McGinty 77-92
Pontine structures and mechanisms involved in the generation of paradoxical (REM) sleep. PDF
K. Sakai , S. Crochet , H. Onoe 93-107
Role of the locus coeruleus in the static and dynamic control of posture. PDF
O. Pompeiano 109-124
Induction of wakefulness and inhibition of active (REM) sleep by GABAergic processes in the nucleus pontis oralis. PDF
M. C. Xi , F. R. Morales , M. H. Chase 125-145
Carbachol models of REM sleep: recent developments and new directions. PDF
L. Kubin 147-168

Short Communications

A tribute to Nathaniel Kleitman. PDF
J. M. Siegel 3-10
Remembering Nathaniel Kleitman. PDF
W. C. Dement 11-17
Sleep in a nonagenarian: N. Kleitman. PDF
D. L. Bliwise 19-21


Editor's preface PDF
O. Pompeiano 1-2