Vol. 152, No. 2-3 (2014) Understanding Sleep: Novel Perspectives in Neurosciences

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Sleep regulatory factors PDF
T. Porkka-Heiskanen 57-65
Sleep and bodily functions: the physiological interplay between body homeostasis and sleep homeostasis PDF
R. Amici, S. Bastianini, C. Berteotti, M. Cerri, F. Del Vecchio, V. Lo Martire, M. Luppi, E. Perez, A. Silvani, G. Zamboni, G. Zoccoli 66-78
Sleep and memory in the making. Are current concepts sufficient in children? PDF
P. Peigneux 79-92
The reciprocal link between sleep and immune responses PDF
F. Del Gallo, M. R. Opp, L. Imeri 93-102
Effects of acute and chronic sleep deprivation on cardiovascular regulation PDF
E. Tobaldini, M. Pecis, N. Montano 103-110
REM sleep alteration and depression PDF
M. Kimura, M. L. Curzi, C.P.N. Romanowsi 111-117
Animal models of REM dysfunctions: what they tell us about the cause of narcolepsy and RBD? PDF
P. H. Luppi, O. Clément, E. Sapin, S. V. Garcia, C. Peyron, P. Fort 118-128
REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) as a marker of neurodegenerative disorders PDF
L. Ferini-Strambi, S. Marelli, A. Galbiati, F. Rinaldi, E. Giora 129-146
Slow wave activity as the default mode of the cerebral cortex PDF
M. V. Sanchez-Vives, M. Mattia 147-155
Long-term history and immediate preceding state affect EEG slow wave characteristics at NREM sleep onset in C57BL/6 mice PDF
N. Cui, L. E. Mckillop, S. P. Fisher, P. L. Oliver, V. V. Vyazovskiy 156-168
Fluid boundaries between wake and sleep: experimental evidence from Stereo-EEG recordings PDF
S. Sarasso, A. Pigorini, P. Proserpio, S. A. Gibbs, M. Massimini, L. Nobili 169-177