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Vol 78, No 18 (1928) Action réflexe cardio-inhibitrice du stimulus du nerf dépresseur a vagues coupés Details
V. Aducco
Vol. 98, fasc. 2 Action rèflexedes diffèrents types de fibres affèrentes d'origine musculaire sur la pression sanguine Details
Y. Laporte, P. Bessou, S. Bouisset
Vol 148, No 4 (2010) Activation-dependent descending reflex evacuation motority of anal canal in rat model Abstract   PDF
Radomir Radomirov, Negrin Negrev, Dimitar Evlogiev Itzev, Galya Stavreva
Vol. 104, fasc. 1 Activations directe et rèflexe des projections cortico-cèrèbelleuses issues du cortex moteur et du cortex orbitaire Details
C. Batini, G. Castellanos, P. Buser
Vol. 123, fasc. 3 Active and passive avoidance learning in homozygous D.I. brattleboro rats Details
C. Ambrogi-Lorenzini, C. Bucherelli, A. Giachetti
Vol 94, No 34 (1935) Activite de catalase dans les premieres phases embryonaires des aeufs de Salmo irideus et d' Esox lucius. Abstract   PDF
U. Sammartino
Vol 94, No 34 (1935) Activite de catalase pendant la periode de croissance des embryons de Salmo irideus et d' Esox lucius. Abstract   PDF
U. Sammartino
Vol 92, No 32 (1934) Activité de l'acétylcholine et oscillations du tonus observées sur la préparation atriale d'emys europaea. Resumé des AA. Details
G. Pupilli, E. Temussi
Vol. 130, No. 3 Activity of cat cerebellar neurons in penicillin epilepsy and amphetamine treatment. Abstract
M. Culic, J. Saponjic, LJ. M. Rakic
Vol. 112, fasc. 2 Activity of precerebellar reticular neuronesa s a function of head position Details
B. Ghelarducci, O. Pompeiano, K.M. Spyer
Vol. 100, fasc. 1 Activity of single units in the primary optic cortex in the unanaesthetized rabbit during visual, acoustic, olfactory and painful stimulation Details
T. Lomo, A. Mollica
Vol. 103, fasc. 3 Activity of the red nucleus during deep desynchronized sleep in unrestrained cats Details
M.M. Gassel, P.L. Marchiafava, O. Pompeiano
Vol. 116, fasc. 3-4 Adaption of the rabbit's vestibulo-ocular reflex tomodified visual input: importance of stimulus conditions Details
H. Collewijn, A.F. Grootendorst
Vol 152, No 4 (2014): Special Issue - Brain plasticity and recovery: basic and clinical evidences Adaptive plasticity and recovery in preclinical models of stroke Abstract   PDF
Stefania Dalise, Fabrisia Ambrosio, Michel Modo
Vol 154, No 1 (2016) Administration of copper reduced the hyper-excitability of neurons in CA1 hippocampal slices from epileptic rats. Abstract
Juan Leiva, Claudio Infante
Vol 148, No 2 (2010): Special Issue - Neural stem cell niches and parenchymal progenitors Adult Neurogenesis without Germinal Layers: The “Atypical” Cerebellum of Rabbits Abstract   PDF
Giovanna Ponti, Paola Crociara, Maria Armentano, Luca Bonfanti
Vol. 143, No. 2 Advanced tracer techniques to monitor synaptic activity. Abstract
D. Panzeri, T. Lavazza, A. Malgaroli
Vol 155, No 1/2 (2017) Aerobic exercise effects upon cognition in Mild Cognitive Impairment: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials Abstract
D. M. Cammisuli, A. Innocenti, F. Franzoni, C. Pruneti
Vol. 111, fasc. 3-4 Afférences baroceptives, phases de synchronisation corticale et sommeil Details
P. Dell
Vol. 117, fasc. 4 Afferent and efferent connections of the area postrema demonstrated by the horseradish peroxidase method Details
D. Vigier, A. Rouvière
Vol. 129, No. 1 - Structural-Functional Organization of Cerebellar and Vestibular System. A tribute to A. Brodal Afferent connections to the abducent nucleus in the cat. Abstract   PDF
G. H. Hoddevik, E. Dietrichs, F. Walberg
Vol. 111, fasc. 1 Afferent connections to the fast conduction pathway in the central nervous system of the leech hirudo medicinalis Abstract
G. Iosif, P. Bagnoli
Vol. 115, fasc. 4 Afferent fibers and sensory ganglion cells within the oculomotor nerve in some mammals and man. Anatomical investigations Details
R. Bortolami, A. Veggetti, E. Callegari, M.L. Lucchi, G. Palmieri
Vol. 116, fasc. 1 Afferent fibers and sensory ganglion cells within the oculomotor nerve in some mammals and man. Electrophysiological investigations Details
E. Manni, R. Bortolami, V.E. Pettorossi, M.L. Lucchi, E. Callegari
Vol. 127, No. 3 Afferent projections from the brainstem to the area hypothalamica dorsalis: a horseradish peroxidase study in the cat. Abstract
J. A. Aguirre, R. Covenas, J. R. Alonso, J. M. Lara, J. Aijon
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