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Spontaneous and conditioned behavior of Wistar and Long Evans rats.

C. Ambrogi Lorenzini, C. Bucherelli, A. Giachetti, G. Tassoni


Spontaneous behavior (locomotion, feeding, drinking, and exploration in a two box apparatus) as well as conditioned behavior (passive and active avoidance responding, and freezing in the light-dark box apparatus) were studied in naive male Wistar and Long Evans rats. Concerning spontaneous behavior, Long Evans rats were more active during both light and dark periods, and showed better exploratory performance than Wistar rats. Concerning conditioned behavior, Long Evans rats acquired and retained better active and passive avoidance responses, and exhibited longer initial freezing than Wistar rats in the range of 0.6-1.4 mA footshocks. The results better define the important behavioral differences existing between the two strains, Long Evans rats showing consistently a higher level of alertness and a better conditioned performance.

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