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Morphology of electrophysiologically identified baroreceptor afferents and second order neurones in the brainstem of the cat.

J. Czachurski, K. Dembowsky, H. Seller, R. Nobiling, R. Taugner


Baroreceptor afferent fibres and second order baroreceptor neurones were identified by their discharge pattern and were intracellularly injected with horseradish peroxidase. Three afferent fibres and three second order neurones were reconstructed by camera lucida drawings from serial sections of the brainstem. The afferent fibres were classified as A delta-fibres and had terminal arborizations with synaptic boutons in the dorsomedial region of the nuclei of the solitary tract (TS). The afferent fibres had additional collaterals with a medial projection to the commissural nucleus and in a direction lateral to the TS. The terminals of these collaterals could not be demonstrated. The second order neurones were located in the same dorsomedial region as the synaptic boutons of the afferent fibres. Neurones were small and spindle-shaped with two primary dendrites: one dendrite projected cranially along the medial border of the TS, and the second one projected caudally and medially into the commissural nucleus. The unmyalinated axons of these neurones could be traced over a distance of 1 mm. In only one neurone could an axon collateral be detected. The axons projected dorsally around the TS in a ventrolateral direction beyond the boundaries of the nuclei of the TS. The axon collateral projected in the medial direction into the commissural nucleus. In no case were axon terminals demonstrated.

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