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The fine structure of the area postrema of the sheep.

M. L. Lucchi, G. Lalatta Costerbosa, A. M. Barazzoni, G. Faccioli, G. Petrosino, R. Bortolami


The ultrastructural features of the area postrema (AP) were investigated in the suckling lamb, weaned lamb and adult sheep. No morphological differences were observed between lambs and sheep. Unciliated ependymal cells, linked by zonulae adherentes-type junctions and gap junctions, cover the AP ventricular surface. Clusters of pyriform neurons, glial cells, and axons are present in the parenchyma. The blood vessels are surrounded by wide perivascular spaces, which present an inner and outer basal lamina. The capillaries are of the fenestrated type. Perivascular glial cells rest on the outer basal lamina of the perivascular space and form a continuous ensheathment with their cell bodies or with flattened interdigitating processes. Along adjacent perivascular glial processes gap junctions are present. From our ultrastructural observations it appears that the overall cellular morphology of AP of the sheep does not differ substantially from that of monogastric mammals.

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