Visual corticopontine and tectopontine projections in the macaque.

M. Glickstein, J. May, B. Mercier


We studied projections from extrastriate visual areas and the superior colliculus to the pontine nuclei of monkeys using degeneration staining and transport of wheatgerm agglutinin horseradish peroxidase, and 3H amino acids. The superior colliculus and the extrastriate cortical visual areas both project to the ipsilateral dorsolateral region of the pontine nuclei. The projections from extrastriate visual cortex occupy a much larger territory within the pontine nuclei than those from the superior colliculus. The superficial laminae of the superior colliculus project only to the ipsilateral pontine nuclei. The projection to the contralateral nucleus reticularis tegmenti pontis arises from cells in deeper laminae within the superior colliculus.

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