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Temporal fidelity in the visual system.

C. Gargini, G. C. Demontis, S. Bisti, L. Cervetto


The temporal properties of the visual system have been analyzed by recording the ERG and its isolated components in response to light stimuli whose luminance was varied sinusoidally. The performance of the visual system to periodic light stimuli was tested in human subjects psychophysically. The comparison of the results in control conditions and after administration of drugs that specifically block the hyperpolarization activated current (Ih) suggest that the inner rectifying properties of the inner segment membrane of rods is involved in a process of temporal differentiation of the visual signals whereby high frequency components of the response especially relevant for the visual performance are enhanced. It is proposed that the temporal fidelity of the visual system is the results of an elaboration starting at early level of the signal generated by the phototransductive cascade.

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