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Behavioural motor effects of MK-801 and DNQX parenteral administration in adult cats: dose-response analysis. Modulatory role of dopaminergic D1 and D2 antagonists on MK-801 induced motor behaviours.

E. Motles, C. Infante, M. Gonzalez


1. Administration of MK-801 a selective antagonist of the NMDA receptors (50, 100 and 150 micrograms/kg, s.c.) elicited in adult cats ataxia and loss of equilibrium. A dose-response effect was observed. 2. Administration of DNQX, a selective antagonist of the non-NMDA receptors, even with doses 20 times higher than those employed with MK-801, did not produce any behavioural disturbances. 3. Previous injection of SCH 23390, a selective parenteral antagonist of dopamine D1 receptor, reduced significantly the intense ataxic effects of MK-801, while sulpiride only increased the latency of the symptoms. 4. The results are discussed considering the reported interactions between the dopaminergic and glutamatergic systems.

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