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Vestibular input to brain monoamine neurons-a review.

S. Nishiike


Yates et al. reported that serotonergic RN neurons are associated with vestibulo-sympathetic responses and may control BP changes during body repositioning (Yates et al., 1992; 1993). Pompeiano et al. demonstrated that LC-NA neurons participate in the postural control and modify the vestibulo-spinal reflex (Pompeiano et al., 1990; 1991a; 2001). Nishiike et al. (1996a) examined the effects of caloric vestibular stimulation on the neuronal activity of LC-NA neurons in rats. The predominant effect of CA with both hot- and cold-water on the electrical activity of LC neurons is inhibitory and persists for several minutes. GABAA receptors located on the postsynaptic membrane of LC neurons are responsible for these inhibitory responses. The VLM may inhibit LC neuronal activity in response to the CA via GABAA receptors (Nishiike et al., 1997). It is suggested that LC-NA inhibition is involved in the development of motion sickness (Nishiike et al., 2001).

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