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Auditory centre projection of the lower brainstem to the dorsal cochlear nucleus in the rabbit.

D. Bukowska, L. Zguczynski


Afferent projection to dCN from SOC and the periolivary regions was studied in the rabbit by retrograde transport of WGA-HRP. The projection originates primarily from the bilateral TrV and TrL with a very clear contralateral and ipsilateral predominance, respectively. A clear-cut topographical relationship was disclosed between location of neurons in these nuclei and projection sites in dCN. Thus, the medial region of dCN is target of projection arising from the medial regions of TrV and TrL, whereas the lateral region of dCN is supplied by projection from their lateral regions. Although participation in the projection of the ipsilateral TrV is smaller and the contralateral TrL is very weak, the pattern of these preferential connections is also apparent. Minute connections were traced from the other principal olivary nuclei, i.e. MSO, LSO and TrM, mainly from neurons located in their peripheral regions. In the periolivary region the cells of origin of the projection were found in VLPO and VMPO, and in lesser extent in DPO, DMPO, DLPO, RPO and CPO. The present results are discussed in comparison with those of earlier studies and with reference to other inputs to CN.

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