A Decade of Mammalian Retinal Stem Cell Research

Morgane Locker, Warif El Yakoubi, Nicolas Mazurier, Jean-Philippe Dullin, Muriel Perron


10 years have now passed since the discovery of quiescent neural stem cells within the mammalian retina. Beside the fascinating aspect of stem cell biology in basic science, these cells have also offered hope for the treatment of incurable retinal diseases. The field has thus rapidly evolved, fluctuating between major advances and recurring doubts. In this review, we will retrace the efforts of scientists during this last decade to characterize these cells and to use them in regenerative medicine. We will also highlight advances made in animal models capable of stem cell-mediated retinal regeneration.


Retina; Adult retinal stem cells, Ciliary body, Ciliary marginal zone

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4449/aib.v148i2.1157


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