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Vol. 101, fasc. 1 Anatomical and functional relationships of the cerebral nystagmogenic area to some subcortical centers Details
A.M. Di Giorgio, E. Manni
Vol 152, No 1 (2014) Anatomical or mirror mode imitation? A behavioral approach. Abstract
C. Pierpaoli, L. Ferrante, T. Manzoni, M. Fabri
Vol. 95, fasc. 3-4 ANATOMY Cytoarchitecture Details
G.F. Rossi, A. Zanchetti
Vol. 95, fasc. 3-4 ANATOMY Introduction Details
G.F. Rossi, A. Zanchetti
Vol. 95, fasc. 3-4 ANATOMY Remarks On Methods Details
G.F. Rossi, A. Zanchetti
Vol 149 (2011): From electric fish to human brain: an historical overview of European neuroscience from the University of Pisa Angelo Mosso: a holistic approach to muscular fatigue Abstract   PDF
C. Di Giulio
Vol. 120, fasc. 1-3 Animal hypnosis: an attempt to reach a definition Details
G. Carli
Vol. 152, No. 2-3 (2014) Understanding Sleep: Novel Perspectives in Neurosciences Animal models of REM dysfunctions: what they tell us about the cause of narcolepsy and RBD? Abstract
P. H. Luppi, O. Clément, E. Sapin, S. V. Garcia, C. Peyron, P. Fort
Vol 150, No 2/3 (2012): Neural correlates of consciousness in pathology and healthy volunteers Anthropologia transscendentalis. Kant’s theory of human nature Abstract   PDF
Fiorella Battaglia
Vol 149, No 3 (2011): include the Abstracts of the XIX Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology Anti-Ri-associated paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration. Report of a case and revision of the literature Abstract
Michelangelo Mancuso, Daniele Orsucci, Andrea Bacci, Elena Caldarazzo Ienco, Gabriele Siciliano
Vol. 142, No. 2 Antitumoural action of L-733,060 on neuroblastoma and glioma cell lines. Abstract
M. Munoz, A. Perez, R. Convenas, M. Rosso, E. Castro
Vol. 113, fasc. 4 Apomorphine pecking in the pigeon Details
M. Brunelli, F. Magni, G. Moruzzi, D. Musumeci
Vol. 75, fasc. 15 Appareil à pression variable pour l'étude de l'échange matériel dans les petits animaux Details
A. Costantino
Vol. 111, fasc. 3-4 Approche èlectrophysiologique de la fonction gonadotrope de l'hypothalamus Details
J.M. Faure, J.D. Vincent
Vol. 122, fasc. 2 Arbitrary time unit counts as a mean to evaluate animal activities Details
C. Ambrogi Lorenzini, C. Bucherelli
Vol. 103, fasc. 2 Arborisations dendritiques etude topographique et quantitative dans le noyau vestibulaire du chat Details
H. Mannen
Vol 155, No 4 (2017) Are there endogenous stem cells in the spinal cord? Abstract
M. Ferrucci, L. Ryskalin, C. L. Busceti, A. Gaglione, F. Biagioni, F. Fornai
Vol. 107, fasc. 5 Ascending and descending connections of the insular cortex of the cat Details
G. Avanzini, D. Mancia, G. Pelliccioli
Vol. 125, No. 4 Associated movements, postural adjustments and synergies: some comments about the history and significance of three motor concepts. Abstract
Y. Gahery
Vol 80, No 20 (1928) Asymétrie fonctionnelle des ovaires Details
P. Sfameni, A. Orsini
Vol. 131, No. 2-3, Dedicated to E. Manni Asymmetries in ocular and cervical responses to sagittal vestibular stimulations. Abstract   PDF
V. E. Pettorossi, R. Bruni, F. Draicchio, P. Errico, A. Ferraresi, R. Santarelli
Vol 82, No 22 (1930) Atrophie du foie altèrations du rein Details   PDF
G. Bompiani
Vol 149 (2011): From electric fish to human brain: an historical overview of European neuroscience from the University of Pisa Attention in cat revisited. A critical review of a set of brain explorations in fully alert animals Abstract   PDF
A. Rougeul-Buser, P. Buser
Vol 148, No 3 (2010): Special Issue - Integrating Computational, Cognitive and Clinical Expertise to Understand Brain Network Recovery Attention modulation regulates both motor and non-motor performance: a high-density EEG study in Parkinson’s disease Abstract   PDF
Bernardo Perfetti, Clara Moisello, Simona Lanzafame, Sara Varanese, Eric C Landsness, Marco Onofrj, Alessandro Di Rocco, Giulio Tononi, Felice M Ghilardi
Vol 160, No 3-4 (2022) Audiological evalutation of the cochlear nerve with brainstem evoked response audiometry in patients with COVID-19 Abstract
A. Taş, B. Haznedar, M. C. Tuncer
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