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Vol. 141, No. 1 Auditory centre projection of the lower brainstem to the dorsal cochlear nucleus in the rabbit. Abstract
D. Bukowska, L. Zguczynski
Vol. 138, No. 4 Auditory deprivation modifies biological rhythms in the golden hamster. Abstract
R. Cutrera, M. Pedemonte, G. Vanini, N. Goldstein, D. Savorini, D. P. Cardinali, R. A. Velluti
Vol 90, No 30 (1933) Augmentation de la pression récurrente carotidienne par stimulations irritatives sur la muqueuse nasale. Avec 5 figg. d.l.t. Details
S. Traina
Vol. 139, No. 3 - In honour of N. Kleitman Autonomic control during sleep and risk for sudden death in infancy. Abstract   PDF
R. M. Harper
Vol 149, No 1 (2011): Special Issue - ALS 2010: a motor neuron odyssey Autophagy activation in glutamate-induced motor neuron loss Abstract   PDF
Federica Fulceri, Michela Ferrucci, Gloria Lazzeri, Silvio Paparelli, Alessia Bartalucci, Ilaria Tamburini, Antonio Paparelli, Francesco Fornai
Vol. 118, fasc. 2 Autoradiographic evidence of visual cortical projections to the frontal cortex in the cat Details
P.P. Battaglini, S. Squatrito, C. Galletti, M.G. Maioli, E. Riva Sanseverino
Vol 92, No 32 (1934) Avec 11 planches. Quelques recherches sur la structure des consonnes Details
A. Gemelli, G. Pastori
Vol 90, No 30 (1933) Avec. 2 planches. Influences du foie sur la fonction cardiaque. Résumé de l'A.Avec 2 planches Details
B. Bassani
Vol. 68, fasc.8 Avec deux planches Details
E. Cavazzani
Vol. 118, No. 4 Axonal projections and primary afferents of bulbar respiratory modulated and unmodulated neurons travelling with vagal nerve or spinal cord in the rabbit Details   PDF
G- Bohmer, M. Fallert
Vol.125, No. 1 Axonal projections of the Retzius cells to the dorsal segmental root in the leech Hirudo medicinalis. Abstract
M. Carretta, S. Grassi
Vol. 97, fasc. 1 Baroreceptor innervation of the bifurcation of the brachio-cephalic trunk in the cat Details
R. Bianconi, J.H. Green
Vol.125, No. 1 Basal ganglia influences on the cerebellum of the cat. Abstract
V. Perciavalle, S. Berretta, G. Li Volsi, M. C. Polizzi
Vol. 145, No. 2 BDNF expression in rat skeletal muscle after acute or repeated exercise. Abstract   PDF
R. Cuppini, S. Sartini, D. Agostini, M. Guescini, P. Ambrogini, M. Betti, L. Bertini, M. Vallasciani, V: Stocchi
Vol 147, No 3 (2009) Be(a)ware of spider! An Attentional Blink study on fear detection Abstract   PDF
Luigi D'Alessandro, Angelo Gemignani, Eleonora Castellani, Laura Sebastiani
Vol. 100, fasc. 1 Behavior and reflexes of chronic striatal cats Details
G.H. Wang, K. Akert
Vol. 103, fasc. 1 Behavior and reflexes of chronic thalamic cats Details
R. Emmers, R.W.M. Chun, G.H. Wang
Vol. 144, No. 1 (2006) Behavioral and electrophysiological changes induced by acetyl-L-carnitine in aged freely-moving rats. Abstract   PDF
G. Marini, M. Calvani, P. Ceccarelli, M. Mancia
Vol. 138, No. 4 Behavioral state-dependent thermal feedback influencing the hypothalamic thermostat. Abstract
P. L. Parmeggiani, A. Azzaroni, M. Calasso
Vol. 95, fasc.2 Behavioural and E.E.G. responses to mean-ingful noises following bilateral chronic ablation of the auditory area in the cat Details
M. Mancia, K. Mechelse
Vol. 138, No. 2 Behavioural motor effects of MK-801 and DNQX parenteral administration in adult cats: dose-response analysis. Modulatory role of dopaminergic D1 and D2 antagonists on MK-801 induced motor behaviours. Abstract
E. Motles, C. Infante, M. Gonzalez
Vol 150, No 1 (2012) Bevacizumab Eye Drop Treatment Stimulates Tear Secretion in Rats Through Changes in VEGF and NGF Lacrimal Gland Levels Abstract
Simona Rossi, Flavio Mantelli, Alessandro Lambiase, Luigi Aloe
Vol 71, No 11 (1922) BIANCHINI PLANCHES Details
Vol 92, No 32 (1934) Bilan du calcium et du phosphore par rapport à l'hyperfonction et à l'hypofonction expérimentales des parathyroides. Resumé des AA. Details
G. Melli, B. Levi Della Vida
Vol. 119, fasc. 1 Bilateral cortical projections from cat visual areas 17 and 18 Details
S. Squatrito, C. Galletti, P.P. Battiglini, E. Riva Sanseverino
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