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Vol. 99, fasc. 1 Binocular facilitation in the lateral geniculate body Details
E.F. Vastola
Vol 79, No 2 (1928) Binocular facilitation in the lateral geniculate body Details
R. Margaria
Vol 79, No 2 (1928) Binocular facilitation in the lateral geniculate body Details
P. Di Mattei
Vol. 135, No. 2 - In memory of G. Moruzzi Binocular field in pigeons: behavioral measures of stimulus detection and coding. Abstract   PDF
G. Cesaretti, C. Kusmic, D. Musumeci
Vol. 116, fasc. 3-4 Binocular interaction in strabismic kittens and adult cats deprived of vision Details
L. Maffei
Vol. 136, No. 1 Biochemical properties of the superficial masseter muscle in the aging rat. Abstract
H. Miyata, T. Sugiura, Y. Kawai
Vol. 111, fasc. 3-4 Biosynthèse, stockage et libération de la dopamine au niveau du système nigro-neòstriatal dopaminergique Details
J. Glowinski
Vol 147, No 1/2 (2009): Dedicated to the first 100 years of Rita's exciting life! BISPECTRAL INDEX CORRELATES WITH REGIONAL CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW DURING SLEEP Abstract   PDF
Quentin Noirhomme, Mélanie Boly, Vincent Bonhomme, Pierre Boveroux, Christophe Phillips, Philippe Peigneux, Andrea Soddu, André Luxen, Gustave Moonen, Pierre Maquet, Steven Laureys
Vol. 142, No. 1 Blockage of vibrissae afferents: I. Motor effects. Abstract   PDF
A. Prchal, A. L. Albarracin, E. E. Decima
Vol. 142, No. 1 Blockage of vibrissae afferents: II. Footshock threshold increments. Abstract   PDF
E. E. Decima, A. Prchal, F. During
Vol. 142, No. 1 Blockage of vibrissal afferents: III. Electrocorticographic effects. Abstract   PDF
A. Prchal, E. E. Decima
Vol. 100, fasc. 2 Blood pressure during natural sleep and during sleep induced by electrical stimulation of the brain stem reticular formation Details
O. Candia, E. Favale
Vol 151, No 3 (2013) Body sway modulation by hypnotizability and gender during low and high demanding postural conditions. Abstract
Giulio Mecacci, Manuel Menzocchi, Andrea Zeppi, Giancarlo Carli, Enrica Laura Santarcangelo
Vol. 134, No. 1 - Physiological aspects of sleep and wakefulness. In memory of G. Moruzzi Brain activation, then (1949) and now: coherent fast rhythms in corticothalamic networks. Abstract   PDF
M. Steriade
Vol 154, No 4 (2016) Brain connectivity is altered by extreme physical exercise during non-REM sleep and wakefulness: indications from EEG and fMRI studies Abstract
D Menicucci, C Gentili, A Piarulli, M Laurino, S Pellegrini, F Mastorci, R Bedini, D Montanaro, L Sebastiani, A Gemignani
Vol. 146, No. 3/4 Brain representation of phonological processing in Italian: individual variability and behavioural correlates Abstract
Chiara Pecini, Laura Biagi, Andrea Guzzetta, Domenico Montanaro, Daniela Brizzolara, Paola Cipriani, Anna Chilosi, Michela Tosetti, Giovanni Cioni
Vol. 126, No. 4 - Brainstem reticular mechanisms. A tribute to G.Moruzzi. Brain state and plasticity: an integration of the reciprocal interaction model of sleep cycle oscillation with attentional models of hippocampal function. Abstract   PDF
J. A. Hobson, N. A. Schmajuk
Vol. 110, fasc. 3 Brain stem influences on waking and sleep behaviors in the pigeon Details
M. Brunelli, F. Magni, G. Moruzzi, D. Musumeci
Vol. 106, fasc. 1 Brain temperature of the cat during sleep Details
T. Satoh
Vol. 120, fasc. 1-3 Brain work: function, metabolism and blood flow Details
G.L. Lenzi
Vol 156, No 1-2 (2018) Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and Serotonin Transporter (SERT) in Platelets of Patients with Mild Huntington’s Disease: Relationships with Social Cognition Symptoms Abstract
L. Betti, L. Palego, E. Unti, S. Mazzucchi, L. Kiferle, G. Palermo, U. Bonuccelli, G. Giannaccini, R. Ceravolo
Vol 149, No 4 (2011): Special Issue - Mechanisms and networks of motoneuronal control during sleep Brainstem neurons responsible for postural, masseter or pharyngeal muscle atonia during paradoxical sleep in freely-moving cats Abstract   PDF
K. Sakai, P.-C. Neuzeret
Vol. 121, fasc. 4 Brainstem projections of different branches of the vestibular nerve. An experimental study by transganglionic transport of horseradish peroxidase in the cat. The horizontal ampullar and utricular nerves Details
J. Siegborn, G. Grant
Vol. 142, No. 4 - In honour of M. Jouvet Brainstem structures responsible for paradoxical sleep onset and maintenance. Abstract   PDF
P.-H. Luppi, D. Gervasoni, R. Boissard, L. Verret, R. Goutagny, C. Peyron, D. Salvert, L. Leger, B. Barbagli, P. Fort
Vol 149, No 4 (2011): Special Issue - Mechanisms and networks of motoneuronal control during sleep Bruxism and nocturnal groaning Abstract   PDF
L. Ferini-Strambi, P. Pozzi, M. Manconi, M. Zucconi, A. Oldani
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