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Vol 148, No 4 (2010) Central antalgic activity of resveratrol Abstract   PDF
Mario Falchi, Aldo Bertelli, Roberto Galazzo, Paolo Viganò, Bassam Dib
Vol. 103, fasc. 4 Central depolarization of group I a afferent fibers during desynchronized sleep Details
A.R. Morrison, O. Pompeiano
Vol. 143, No. 3/4 - Ital Soc Physiol Meeting Proceedings Central nervous mechanisms in the generation of the pattern of breathing. Abstract   PDF
T. Pantaleo, F. Bongianni, D. Mutolo
Vol. 108, fasc. 2 Centrifugal cutaneous nerve discharges in the decerebrate phalanger, trichosurus vulpecula Details
D. Megirian
Vol. 106, fasc. 4 Centrifugal discharges in cutaneous nerve fibers evoked by cutaneous afferent volleys in the acutely spinal phalanger, THRICOSURUS VULPECULA Details
D. Megirian
Vol. 121, fasc. 1 Cerebellar control of eye movements studied with injection of harmalinee in the trained baboon Details
E. Marchetti, G.M. Gauthier, J. Pellet
Vol. 100, fasc. 4 Cerebellar control of flexor motoneurons. An analysis of the postural responses to stimulation of the paramedian lobule in the decerebrate cat Details
L. Maffei, O. Pompeiano
Vol. 121, fasc. 1 Cerebellar control of vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR studied with injection of harmaline in the trained baboon Details
G.M. Gauthier, E. Marchetti, J. Pellet
Vol. 119, fasc. 3 Cerebellar influences on the response characteristics of vestibulospinal neurons to sinusoidal tilt Details
R. Boyle, O. Pompeiano
Vol. 97, fasc. 4 Cerebellar inhibitory and excitatory actions upon spinal extensor motoneurons Details
C.A. Terzuolo
Vol. 107, fasc. 3 Cerebellar inhibitory control of the vestibular reflex pathways to primary afferents Details
A. Cangiano, W.A. Cook, O. Pompeiano
Vol. 128, No. 2-4 - A tribute to A. Brodal Cerebellar localization and colocalization of GABA and calcium binding protein-D28K. Abstract   PDF
C. Batini
Vol 95, No 1 (1957) Cerebellar release phenomena Details
C. Batini, G. Moruzzi, O. Pompeiano
Vol. 105, fasc. 4 Cerebellar responses evoked by somatic afferent volleys during sleep and waking Details
G. Carli, K. Diete-Spiff, O. Pompeiano
Vol. 129, No. 1 - Structural-Functional Organization of Cerebellar and Vestibular System. A tribute to A. Brodal Cerebello-vestibular connections of the anterior vermis. A retrograde tracer study in different mammals including primates. Abstract   PDF
J. Voogd, A. H. Epema, J. A. Rubertone
Vol. 109, fasc. 3 Cerebellun and atonia of the desynchronized phase of sleep Details
S. Guglielmino, P. Strata
Vol. 137, No. 2/3 - In honour of Arnaldo Alduini Cerebral blood flow regulation in REM sleep: a model for flow-metabolism coupling. Abstract   PDF
P. Lenzi, G. Zoccoli, A. M. Walker, C. Franzini
Vol. 99, fasc. 4 Cerebral control on transmission to the ventral spino-cerebellar tract Details
F. Magni, O. Oscarsson
Vol. 115, fasc. 2 Cerebral cortical areas associated with the activation of climbing fibre input to cerebellar purkinje cells Details
M.J. Rowe
Vol 159, No 1 (2021) Cerebral cortical thickness and gyrification changes in first-episode psychoses and multi-episode schizophrenia Abstract
A. Del Casale, M. C. Rossi-Espagnet, A. Napolitano, M. Lucignani, L. Bonanni, G. D. Kotzalidis, A. Buscajoni, L. Manelfi, V. Perrone, I. Gualtieri, R. Brugnoli, E. De Pisa, P. Girardi, A. Romano, S. Ferracuti, A. Bozzao, M. Pompili
Vol 149, No 4 (2011): Special Issue - Mechanisms and networks of motoneuronal control during sleep Cerebrospinal fluid hypocretin (orexin) levels are elevated by play but are not raised by exercise and its associated heart rate, blood pressure, respiration or body temperature changes Abstract   PDF
M.-F. Wu, R. Nienhuis, N. Maidment, H. A. Lam, J. M. Siegel
Vol. 74, fasc. 14 Cerveau et fonctions maternelles. Rèsumé de l'A. Details
C. Ceni
Vol. 136, No. 3 Cervical and cerebellar projections of lamina VII and VIII neurones of the S2 segment in the cat's spinal cord. Abstract
P. Krutki, K. Grottel, W. Mrowczynski
Vol. 136, No. 4 Cervical and reticular projections of neurones located in S1 and S2 segments of the cat's spinal cord. Abstract
W. Mrowczynski, K. Grottel, P. Krutki
Vol. 138, No. 3 C-Fos expression in the basilar pontine nuclei and reticulotegmental nucleus of the rat following lateral cerebellar nucleus stimulation. Abstract
G. Bosco, A. Casabona, G. Giaqiunta, T. Maci, M. S. Valle, V. Perciavalle
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