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Vol 155, No 3 (2017) A small dose of apomorphine counteracts the deleterious effects of middle cerebral artery occlusion in different models Abstract
F. Mastroiacovo, A. Gaglione, C. L. Busceti, L. Ryskalin, G. Bozza, F. Nicoletti, F. Orzi, F. Fornai
Vol. 105, fasc. 2 A source of error in the study of golgi-stained material Details
E. Ramòn-Moliner
Vol 154, No 2/3 (2016) A Statistical Proposal for Selecting a Data-depending Threshold in Neurobiology Abstract   PDF
P. Finotelli, F. Panzica, P. Dulio, F. Rotondi, G. Varotto
Vol. 101, fasc. 4 A study of the bioelectrical rhythms of cortical and subcortical structures during activated sleep Details
P.L. Parmeggiani, G. Zanocco
Vol. 106, fasc. 2 A study of the control of cerebral blood flow in the freely moving rabbit Details
J. Seylaz, L. Molnar
Vol. 96, fasc. 1 A study of the effect of some neurally active drugs on inhibition in the auditory pathway Details
I.C. Whitfield , J.T. Allanson
Vol 150, No 2/3 (2012): Neural correlates of consciousness in pathology and healthy volunteers A subcellular analysis of genetic modulation of PINK1 on mitochondrial alterations, autophagy and cell death Abstract   PDF
Paola Lenzi, Roberta Marongiu, Alessandra Falleni, Vania Gelmetti, Carla Letizia Busceti, Silvia Michiorri, Enza Maria Valente, Francesco Fornai
Vol. 98, fasc. 4 A Supraspinal control system monosynaptically connected with an ascending spinal pathway Details
B. Holmqvist, A. Lundberg, O. Oscarsson
Vol. 128, No. 2-4 - A tribute to A. Brodal A well defined spinocerebellar system in the weakly electric teleost fish Gnathonemus petersii. A tracing and immuno-histochemical study. Abstract   PDF
T. Szabo, S. Libouban, J.-P. Denizot
Vol. 97, fasc. 2 Abnormal responses of the single myelinated nerve fibers Details
K. Uchizono
Vol. 96, fasc. 3 "Absence de rèaction èlectrencèphalographique d'èveil par stimulation èlectrique corticale chez le chat "cerveau isolè" Details
A. Mollica
Vol 149, No 3 (2011): include the Abstracts of the XIX Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology Abstracts of the XIX Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology, Brescia, 2011 Abstract
A.A. V.V.
Vol. 96, fasc. 2 Acceleration and inhibition in crustacean ganglion cells Details
C.A. Terzuolo, T.H. Bullock
Vol. 98, fasc. 2 Accomodation of spinal motoneurones of cats Details
K. Frank, M.G.F. Fuortes
Vol. 102, fasc. 4 Accomodation of the eye as related to behavior in the cat Details
R. Elul, P.L. Marchiafava
Vol 149, No 3 (2011): include the Abstracts of the XIX Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology Acquisition and retention of motor sequences: The effects of time of the day and sleep Abstract
Svetlana Kvint, Brian Bassiri, April Pruski, John Nia, Israel Nemet, Melissa Lopresti, Bernardo Perfetti, Clara Moisello, Giulio Tononi, M Felice Ghilardi
Vol 94, No 34 (1935) Action de l' insuline sur les pigeons jeunants. Abstract   PDF
D. Gigante
Vol 89, No 29 (1933) Action de l'aldéhyde formique sur les hématies et sur les phénomènes d'hémoagglutination et d'hémolyse; transfusions de sang hétérogène formolisé Details
V. Ducceschi, A. Cardin
Vol 86, No 26 (1931) Action de l'insuline sur l'excitabilité du nerf vague Details
V.G. Barone
Vol 89, No 29 (1933) Action de l'insuline sur la température cutanée générale du lapin Details
E. Sapegno, G. Ceruti
Vol 81, No 21 (1929) Action de l'insuline sur le chien opéré de decérébellation Details
A. Moschini
Vol 35, No 1 (1901) Action de l'oxyde de carbone sur le coeur. Abstract
A. Mosso
Vol 90, No 30 (1933) Action de la création sur le tonus musculaire. Résumé de l'A. Details
F.M. Chiancone
Vol 93, No 33 (1935) Action de la diurese et de la thyroxine sur le metabolisme proteique endogene et exogene. Abstract   PDF
G. Scoz
Vol. 75, fasc. 15 Action de la glande thyroide sur le coeur et sur le système nerveux de la grenouille,isolès de l'organisme. Résumé de l'A. Details
A. Rabbeno
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