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Vol. 137, No. 4 Role of the renal nerves and angiotensin II in the renal function curve. Abstract
R. Golin, S. Genovesi, G. Castoldi, P. Wijnmaalen, G. Protasoni, A. Zanchetti, A. Stella
Vol. 107, fasc. 1 Role of the spinal cord in compensating the effects of hemilabyrinthectomy Details
G.B. Azzena
Vol. 100, fasc. 3 Role ofthe pupil in changes in evoked responses along the visual pathways Details
J. Affanni, M. Mancis, P.L. Marchiafava
Vol. 137, No. 2/3 - In honour of Arnaldo Alduini Roman ruins in the basement of the Institute of Physiology of the University of Pisa. Abstract   PDF
O. Pompeiano
Vol 88, No 28 (1932) Sabbatani Luigi NECROLOGIO Details
L. Sabbatani
Vol 87, No 27 (1932) Sala Luigi NECROLOGIO Details
L. Sala
Vol. 143, No. 3/4 - Ital Soc Physiol Meeting Proceedings Sarcopenia is more than a muscular deficit. Abstract   PDF
S. Fulle, S. Belia, G. Di Tano
Vol 88, No 28 (1932) Scission et resynthèse du phosphagène et chronaxie Details
P. Bordi
Vol. 104, fasc. 2 Scopolamine induced chenges of brain acetylcholine and EEG pattern in cats with complete pontine transection Details
G. Deffenu, P. Mantegazzini, G. Pepeu
Vol. 135, No. 3 Secondary vestibular projection to the reticular formation of rabbit lower brainstem with reference to reciprocity. Abstract
D. Bukowska, K. Grottel
Vol 148, No 1 (2010) Seeing Faces and Objects with the “Mind’s Eye” Abstract
Alumit Ishai
Vol. 137, No. 2/3 - In honour of Arnaldo Alduini Selective brain cooling is impaired in REM sleep. Abstract   PDF
P. L. Parmeggiani, A. Azzaroni, M. Calasso
Vol. 141, No. 1 Selective deafferentation of hand cutaneous territory is followed by changes in fibre type distribution of a forearm muscle in the horse. Abstract
P. Berardinelli, A. M. Barazzoni, V. Russo, O. Brunetti, G. Della Torre, P. A. Scapolo, A. Muttini, R. Bortolami
Vol 150, No 4 (2012) Selective delayed gains following motor imagery of complex movements Abstract
Ursula Debarnot, Eleonora Castellani, Aymeric Guillot
Vol. 114, fasc. 3 Selective discharge of pontine neurons during the postural atonia produced by an anticholinesterase in the decerebrate cat Details
K. Hoshino, O. Pompeiano
Vol. 116, fasc. 3-4 Selective impairment of behavioural contrast sensitivity in kittens after exposure to periodic gratings Details
A. Fiorentini, L. Maffei
Vol. 109, fasc. 4 Selective outgrowth of nerve fibers in vitro from embryonic ganglia of periplaneta americana Details
R. Levi Montalcini, R.S. Chen
Vol 90, No 30 (1933) Sensibilité magnétique des hématies. Avec 1 figure d.l.t. Details
A. Cardin
Vol 159, No 1 (2021) Sensitivity of item memory to fluency: Evidence from behavioral data and ERP old/new effects Abstract
D. Zhang, A. Nie, Y. Xiao, M. Li, X. Zhu, M. Li
Vol. 139, No. 4 Sensitivity of the motor unit unfused tetanus to changes in the pattern of motoneuronal firing. Abstract
J. Celichowski, K. Grottel
Vol 152, No 1 (2014) Sensorimotor trigeminal unbalance modulates pupil size Abstract
Vincenzo De Cicco, Enrico Cataldo, Massimo Barresi, Vincenzo Parisi, Diego Manzoni
Vol 149, No 2 (2011): Special Issue - Dedicated to the 102th birthday of Rita Levi-Montalcini Sensory impairment in mental retardation: a potential role for NGF Abstract   PDF
Anna Battaglia
Vol. 112, fasc. 1 Sensory peripheral pathway from extrinsic eye muscles Details
C. Batini, P. Buissert
Vol. 138, No. 1 Sensory processing in the vestibular nuclei during active head movements. Abstract   PDF
G. T. Gdowski, R. D. Boyle, R. A. McCrea
Vol. 142, No. 2 Sensory-motor cortex activity modulation by hypnotic susceptibility and hypnosis during finger movement. Abstract
A. Gemignani, M. Tosetti, D. Montanaro, L. Biagi, B. Ghelarducci, M. Guazzelli, E. L. Santarcangelo
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