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Vol. 132, No. 4 The otolithic contribution to vertical ocular stability in the cat. Abstract
V. E. Pettorossi, F. Draicchio, A. Ferraresi, R. Bruni
Vol. 142, No. 4 - In honour of M. Jouvet The paradox of sleep: the early years. Abstract   PDF
W. C. Dement
Vol. 126, fasc. 1 The polypeptide PEP-19 is a marker for purkinje neurons in cerebellar cortex and cartwheel neurons in the dorsal cochlear nucleus Details
E. Mugnaini, A.S. Berrebi, A.L. Dahl, J.I. Morgan
Vol. 96, fasc. 2 The possible physiollogical role and mechanism of action of an acid mucopolysaccharide isolated from hog gastric mucosa Details
V. Capraro, A. Cantone
Vol 160, No 3-4 (2022) The potential effects of nutrients and light on autophagy-mediated visual function and clearance of retinal aggregates Abstract
R. Pinelli, F. Biagioni, E. Scaffidi, V. Vakunseth Bumah, C. L. Busceti, S. Puglisi-Allegra, G. Lazzeri, F. Fornai
Vol. 118, fasc. 2 The primary visual pathway through the corpus callosum: morphological and functional aspects in the cat Details
G.M. Innocenti
Vol. 102, fasc. 1 The problem of a true consensual light reflex in birds Details
G. Berlucchi, P. Strata
Vol. 128, No. 2-4 - A tribute to A. Brodal The projection of spinocerebellar neurons from the sacrococcygeal region of the spinal cord in the cat. An experimental study using anterograde transport of WGA-HRP and degeneration. Abstract   PDF
Q. Xu, G. Grant
Vol. 105, fasc. 4 The projection of the "vestibulocerebellum" onto the vestibular nuclei in the cat Details
P. Angaut, A. Brodal
Vol 155, No 1/2 (2017) The proposal of a clinical protocol to assess central and peripheral fatigue in myotonic dystrophy type 1 Abstract
S. Baldanzi, G. Ricci, M. Bottari, L. Chico, C. Simoncini, G. Siciliano
Vol. 113, fasc. 1 The proprioceptive activation of the stretch tension in pretibial flexor muscles induced by stimulation of antagonistic muscle afferents Details
K.H. Sontag, P. Wand, H. Cremer, B. Muhlberg
Vol 148, No 2 (2010): Special Issue - Neural stem cell niches and parenchymal progenitors The prospective white matter: an atypical neurogenic niche in the developing cerebellum Abstract   PDF
Ketty Leto, Alice Bartolini, Ferdinando Rossi
Vol. 131, No. 2-3, Dedicated to E. Manni The pyramidal tract of the hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) and its relationship with the olfactory bulb. Abstract   PDF
G. Palmieri, V. Farina, L. Sanna, A. Asole, M. Zedda, R. Panu, P. L. De Riu
Vol. 152, No. 2-3 (2014) Understanding Sleep: Novel Perspectives in Neurosciences The reciprocal link between sleep and immune responses Abstract
F. Del Gallo, M. R. Opp, L. Imeri
Vol. 126, No. 4 - Brainstem reticular mechanisms. A tribute to G.Moruzzi. The regulation of paradoxical sleep by the hypothalamo-hypophysis. Abstract   PDF
M. Jouvet
Vol. 133, No. 2 The relationship between fusion index and stimulation frequency in tetani of motor units in rat medial gastrocnemius. Abstract
J. Celichowski, K. Grottel
Vol. 118, fasc. 3 The relative sensitivity of different size motoneurons to group Ia volleys caused by static stretch and vibration of extensor muscles Details
P. Wand , O. Pompeiano, N.A. Fayein
Vol. 113, fasc. 3 The relative sensitivity of renshaw cells to orthodromic group Ia volleys caused by static stretch and vibration of extensor muscles Details
O. Pompeiano, P. Wand, K.H. Sontag
Vol. 99, fasc. 4 THE REPTILIAN FOREBRAIN. 1. The olfactory pathways and cortical areas in the turtle Details
F. Orrego
Vol. 99, fasc. 4 THE REPTILIAN FOREBRAIN. 2. Electrical activity in the olfactory bulb Details
F. Orrego
Vol. 100, fasc. 1 The reptilian forebrain. Cross connections between olfactory bulbs and the cortical areas in the turtle Details
F. Orrego
Vol. 100, fasc. 1 The reptilian forebrain. Electrical activity in the turtle cortex Details
F. Orrego, D. Lisenby
Vol. 114, fasc. 3 The response of motoneurons of different size to stretch and vibration of extensor muscles after injectionof 5-hydroxytryptophan in spinal cats Details
P. Wand
Vol. 103, fasc. 2 The response of reticular units to repetitive stimuli Details
M.E. Scheibel, A.B. Scheibel
Vol. 108, fasc. 2 The responses of lateral geniculate neurons to flashes of light during the sleep-waking cycle Details
M. Mukhametov, G. Rizzolatti
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