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Vol. 109, fasc. 1 Vestibular influences on postural activity in frog Details
F. Barale, N. Corvaja
Vol. 141, No. 1 Vestibular input to brain monoamine neurons-a review. Abstract
S. Nishiike
Vol. 140, No. 1 Vestibular mechanisms involved in idiopathic scoliosis. Abstract
D. Manzoni, F. Miele
Vol. 120, fasc. 1-3 Vestibular mechanisms related to vertical and torsional eye movements Details
B. Ghelarducci, M. Favilla
Vol. 114, fasc. 4 Vestibular nuclei of hemilabyrinthectomized guinea pigs during decompensation Details
G.B. Azzena, O. Mameli, E. Tolu
Vol. 131, No. 2-3, Dedicated to E. Manni Vestibular projections to hypothalamic supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei. Abstract   PDF
G. B. Azzena, F. Melis, M. A. Caria, G. P. Teatini, G. Bozzo
Vol. 129, No. 1 - Structural-Functional Organization of Cerebellar and Vestibular System. A tribute to A. Brodal Vestibulospinal and neck reflexes: interaction in the vestibular nuclei. Abstract   PDF
V. J. Wilson
Suppl. - Symposium in honour of Pompeiano & Wilson VI. Invited lectures Abstract   PDF
Suppl. - Symposium in honour of Pompeiano & Wilson VII. Posters Abstract   PDF
Vol 148, No 3 (2010): Special Issue - Integrating Computational, Cognitive and Clinical Expertise to Understand Brain Network Recovery Virtual Brain Transplantation (VBT): A method for accurate image registration and parcellation in large cortical stroke Abstract   PDF
Ana Solodkin, Uri Hasson, Roma Siugzdaite, Matthiew Schiel, E Elinor Chen, Kotter Rolf, Steven L Small
Vol. 138, No. 2 Visual contributions to human self-motion perception during horizontal body rotation. Abstract
T. Mergner, G. Schweigart, M. Muller, F. Hlavacka, W. Becker
Vol. 117, No. 3 Visual cortex projections to thalamic intralaminar nuclei in the cat. An autoradiographic study Abstract
C. Galletti, S. Squatrito, P. P. Battaglini
Vol. 128, No. 2-4 - A tribute to A. Brodal Visual corticopontine and tectopontine projections in the macaque. Abstract   PDF
M. Glickstein, J. May, B. Mercier
Vol. 116, fasc. 3-4 Visual development in the human infant Details
J. Atkinson, O. Braddick
Vol. 128, No. 2-4 - A tribute to A. Brodal Visual inputs to the dorsocaudal fastigial nucleus of the cat cerebellum. An experimental study using single unit recordings and horseradish peroxidase labelling. Abstract   PDF
K. Kawamura, M. Kase, M. Ohno, T. Hashikawa, M. Kato
Vol. 134, No. 3 Visual neglect in pretrigeminal cats with lateral suprasylvian lesions. Abstract
B. Zernicki, M. Stasiak
Vol. 135, No. 2 - In memory of G. Moruzzi Visual perceptual learning: a sign of neural plasticity at early stages of visual processing. Abstract   PDF
A. Fiorentini, N. Berardi
Vol. 120, fasc. 1-3 Visual wulst-optic tectum relationships in birds: a comparison with the mammalian corticotectal system Details
P. Bagnoli, W. Francesconi, F. Magni
Vol. 140, No. 3 - In honour of C.A. Terzuolo Visual-motor transformations account for three-dimensional eye position. Abstract   PDF
E. M. Klier, D. Y. P. Henriques, J D. Crowford
Vol. 134, No. 3 Visuo-vestibular integration in the development of posture and gait. Abstract
B. Amblard
Vol 157, No 4 (2019) Vitamin D receptor expression and acid sphingomyelinase activity in prefrontal region of a learning animal model Abstract
E. Albi, S. Cataldi, E. Baldi, C. Bucherelli, I. Ferri, A. Sidoni, M. Codini, C. Conte, T. Beccari, G. Traina
Vol 86, No 26 (1931) Vitesse de la circulation du sang dans le pneumothorax experimental. Resumé de l'A. Details
G. Ceruti
Vol. 96, fasc. 1 Voies et signification du réflexe oral du réseau Details
G. Borgatti, R. Matscher
Vol. 122, fasc. 1 Voltage-dependent burst-to-tonic switching of thalamic cell activity: an IN VITRO study Details
H. Jahnsen, R. Llinàs
Vol 153, No 2-3 (2015): Sleep science from basic research to the clinic Wake-sleep, thermoregulatory, and autonomic effects of cholinergic activation of the lateral hypothalamus in the rat: a pilot study Abstract   PDF
Alessia Di Cristoforo, Matteo Cerri, Flavia Del Vecchio, Timna Hitrec, Marco Luppi, Emanuele Perez, Giovanni Zamboni, Roberto Amici
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