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The vestibular nuclei in the domestic hen. Afferents from the spinal cord

J.E. Wold


Lesions of different parts of the spinal cord at different levels in the hen have been made and the resulting degeneration in the vestibular complex has been studied in silver impregnated sections. Spinovestibular fibres originate from cervical as well as lumbosacral levels of the cord and run in the dorsal part of the lateral funiculus. The spinovestibular fibres from all levels of the spinal cord terminate ipsilaterally in the nucleus Deiters ventralis, the nucleus Deiters dorsalis, the medial nucleus and rostrally in the descending nucleus. The spinovestibular fibres terminating in the above nuclei are few in number while spinovestibular fibres terminating bilaterally in the caudal part of the descending nucleus are much more abundant. In a few cases HRP injections in the vestibular complex resulted in labelled cells in upper cervical segments of the spinal cord localized in lamina VII. The findings are discussed in the light of data concerning the spinovestibular pathway in mammals.

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