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Effects of electrolytic lesion of hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus and its related areas on the sleep waking cycle in the cat.

M. Sallanon, K. Kitahama, C. Buda, M. Puymartin, P. H. Luppi, M. Jouvet


In order to study putative hypothalamic mechanisms of sleep waking cycle regulation we destroyed, by electrolytic coagulation, a large part of the medial hypothalamus overlapping the paraventricular nucleus in 6 adult cats. We never observed any modification of light slow wave sleep. Three of the six cats presented no paradoxical sleep (PS) impairment, despite an almost total destruction of neurophysin-immunoreactive cells of PVN in two cats and marked signs of diabetes insipidus in the third. Further, in the other three animals a statistically significant decrease of daily quantities of PS and deep slow wave sleep (SWS2) were related to an extensive destruction of the anterior hypothalamic area. These results suggest lack of influence of the PVN in sleep regulation and an involvement of the anterior hypothalamus in the onset of SWS2 and PS.

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