The olivocerebellar projection to lobules I and II.

E. Dietrichs, F. Walberg


The olivocerebellar projection to lobules I and II was studied by means of retrograde transport from implants of the crystalline WGA-HRP complex. Retrogradely labelled neurons were found in the medial and dorsal accessory olives. Judged from the distribution of labelled cells, we conclude that parasagittally the olivocerebellar terminal zones A and B (i.e., the cerebellar cortical strips receiving axons from the olivary A and B regions) extend anteriorly into lobule Ia, whereas the fused olivocerebellar terminal C1/C3 zones reach lobule IIa. The olivocerebellar terminal C2 zone extends into lobule IIIa but not into lobule IIa. In lobule I the medial border of the B zone lies about 1 mm from the midline, in lobule II the B zone extends somewhat more medially. The lateral border of this zone is 1.9-2 mm from the midline. Compared to previous results, it appears that most of the Purkinje cells in lobule I projecting to the vestibular nuclei lie medially to the olivocerebellar terminal B zone.

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