Afferent connections to the abducent nucleus in the cat.

G. H. Hoddevik, E. Dietrichs, F. Walberg


The afferent connections to the abducent nucleus in the cat were studied by means of retrograde transport of WGA-HRP after implantations of the tracer in crystalline form. Retrogradely labelled cells were found bilaterally in the medial and descending vestibular nuclei, mainly in their ventral and medial portions, in the rostral part of the ipsilateral gigantocellular reticular nucleus, in the medial part of the contralateral caudal pontine reticular nucleus and bilaterally in the oculomotor nucleus, mainly in its dorsolateral division. Some labelled cells were also found bilaterally in the mesencephalic reticular formation, the periaqueductal grey and the nucleus of the trapezoid body.

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