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Calbindin D-28K-immunoreactivity in the cat diencephalon: an immunocytochemical study.

R. Covenas, M. De Leon, J. A. Narvaez, J. A. Aguirre, S. Gonzalez-Baron


The distribution of calbindin D-28k-immunoreactive fibers and cell bodies in the cat diencephalon has been analyzed by using the avidin-biotin immunoperoxidase technique. The thalamus showed a higher density of immunoreactive cell bodies than the hypothalamus. A high density of both immunoreactive perikarya and fibers was observed in the nuclei pulvinar, geniculatum mediale and laterale, lateralis posterior and dorsalis, habenularis lateralis and medialis, posterior, subparafascicularis, submedius, centralis medialis, medialis dorsalis, ventralis postero-medialis and postero-lateralis, reticularis, centralis lateralis, rhomboidens, paracentralis, ventralis lateralis, anterior and medialis, reuniens, anterior ventralis and medialis, hypothalamus posterior, corpus mamillare, area hypothalamica dorsalis and in the hypothalami ventromedialis. Moreover, a high density of fibers containing calbindin and a moderate/low density of immunoreactive cell bodies was found in the nuclei periventricularis anterior, parataenialis, hypothalamus lateralis, mamillaris lateralis, filiformis, periventricularis hypothalami, hypothalamus anterior and in the suprachiasmaticus.

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