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Receptive field asymmetries and sensitivity to random dot stereograms.

F. Gonzalez, J. M. Alonso, J. L. Relova, R. Perez


The differences between the two monocular receptive fields of cortical cells were measured and compared to their disparity tuning in the awake behaving monkey. Several receptive field properties (direction selectivity, orientation preference, eye preference and response modulation) were determined for each eye using sweeping bright bars. The disparity sensitivity of these cells was also assessed by plotting their response profile, determined for each cell under strictly binocular cyclopean stimulation (dynamic random dot stereograms, RDS). We have found that large differences between the two monocular receptive fields were infrequent and, apparently, not related with the disparity sensitivity profile. We conclude that the monocular asymmetries tested in this study and the sensitivity to positional binocular disparities present in RDS, might be linked to different mechanisms involved in depth perception in the visual system.

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