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Rhythmic discharges recorded from tail muscle nerves after injection of nialamide and L-DOPA solution in spinalized cats.

N. Wada, K. Hamada, H. Nishikawa


In 22 decapitated and high spinalized cats, rhythmic discharges were recorded from the nerves supplying the tail muscles, m. extensor caudae lateralis (ECL) and m. flexor caudae longus (FCL) after intravenous injection of Nialamide and L-DOPA solution. In 15 out of 22 cats, stable rhythmic discharges were recorded from tail muscle nerves. Two different discharge patterns were observed. The predominant pattern consisted of an alternating activation between left and right tail muscle nerves and a synchronous activation of ECL and FCL nerves on one side. The second pattern consisted of synchronous activity involving all four tail muscle nerves.

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