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Effects of bilateral ablation or 6-OHDA lesion of the frontal cortex upon the behaviors induced by apomorphine and amphetamine in adult cats.

C. Infante, M. Monari, E. Motles


The main aim of this study was to compare the effects of bilateral 6-OHDA lesion of the prefrontal, frontal and media cerebral cortex, with those of suction ablation of the same areas, upon apomorphine and amphetamine evoked behaviors. Twenty five cats were distributed in four groups: 1) 8 cats received bilateral, injection of 6-OHDA (32 micrograms per hemisphere), and the behaviors elicited by separate injection of apomorphine (2.0 mg/kg s.c.) and amphetamine (2.5 mg/kg s.c.) before and after the lesion were compared; 2) 3 cats received a unilateral injection of 6-OHDA into the cited areas and dopamine concentration on the lesioned site and the contralateral non-lesioned side were compared; 3) 8 cats had bilateral suction ablation of the cited cortical areas and the results of apomorphine and amphetamine evoked behaviors before and after ablation were compared, and 4) the effects of solvent injections and sham operations were studied in 6 additional cats. 6-OHDA lesion had scanty effects on the behaviors evoked by apomorphine and amphetamine. Only two (fear like behavior and lack of food motivation) out of 9 behaviors elicited by apomorphine were modified, while two of five behaviors elicited by amphetamine (immobility and food motivation) showed a change. On the other hand, the ablation procedure had a much wider effect on the behaviors elicited by the dopaminergic agonist drugs. All 5 behaviors evoked by amphetamine were modified, while only 4 of nine behaviors induced by apomorphine did change. These results show the importance of the interplay between dopamine and the target tissue that receive the dopaminergic fibers in the production of the behaviors evoked by parenteral injection of apomorphine and amphetamine.

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