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McAB 300 antibody against calbindin D-28K is a glial marker in the teleost brain.

J. R. Alonso, E. Garcia-Ojeda, E. Weruaga, J. G. Brinon, R. Arevalo, M. R. Celio, J. Aijon


The monoclonal antibody McAB 300 against calbindin D-28 k demonstrated an immunostaining pattern in the teleost brain completely different to those obtained in other classes of vertebrates, or after using in the teleost brain other monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies raised against the same protein. Although calbindin D-28k is considered a neuronal marker, McAB 300 specifically stained glial cells throughout the brains of teleosts, with the only exception of some retinal amacrine and horizontal cells.

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