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Synaptic long-term depression (LTD) in vivo recorded on the rat cerebellar cortex.

R. Vigot, C. Batini, R. T. Kado, T. Yamamori


Long-Term Depression (LTD) of the parallel fiber synapses of the cerebellar cortex has been intensively studied over the last 20 years and is now considered to be a physiological mechanism underlying learning and memory of the cerebellar cortex. With microelectrode recording in vivo, the induced LTD is recorded reliably up to 2 hours. Using surface electrodes we have recorded parallel fiber responses due to the currents generated by the AMPA type receptors of the dendritic spines in the intact vermal cortex of decerebrated rats. We have found that by conjunctively stimulating the climbing and parallel fiber pathways, an LTD was induced which persisted for as long as the recording conditions permitted. The longest lasting LTD of our present results was for 5 hours.

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