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Effect of K, MG aspartate on some biological parameters of aging rats.

K. Chlebovska, O. Chlebovsky, I. Ahlers, E. Ahlersova, D. Bacenkova


The effect of K and Mg salts of aspartic acid (Cardilan) on the serum concentration of selected proteins and phagocytic activity in aging male Wistar rats was investigated. Cardilan was administered in tap water for 7 days a month for 3 months before the last observed interval (12, 18 and 24 month). In a part of animals, the aging process was accelerated by sublethally gamma-irradiation. The administration of Cardilan slowed down the changes in the concentration of prealbumin, albumin, haptoglobin, haemopexin, C3 complement in non-irradiated rats (DC). This effect was extended to the changes in transferrin level in irradiated rats (IDC). The phagocytic activity in both DC, IDC rats was lower compared with controls drinking water (DW, IDW), but not significantly. The effect of Cardilan administration appears to be the greatest in 24-month-old rats, when the treated animals survived better by 25% in IDC group and by 26% better in DC rats, compared with those of the same age controls. Potassium and magnesium salts of aspartates are suitable compounds for life prolongation in the experimental conditions.

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