Chronic pain as expression of neural substrates. Issues from the neuronal dynamics and mutual relations.

M. Brambilla, M. Manuguerra, M. Valente, G. C. Caramenti, M. L. Sotgiu, G. E. M. Biella


The Thalamo-Cortical somatosensory loop shows important synaptic re-organization in cases of chronic pain. Animal models exhibit severe functional distortions, potentially related to the anatomic rearrangements. Connectivity and information theoretic measurement represent important tools to quantify the functional disarrays. We performed electrophysiological experiments with multisite, multielectrode simultaneous recordings in the Thalamus and in the Somatosensory Cortex. The recurrent anomalies in the analytic estimates induce to hypothesize a potential neurodynamical explanation of the sensory context.

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