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Sensory-motor cortex activity modulation by hypnotic susceptibility and hypnosis during finger movement.

A. Gemignani, M. Tosetti, D. Montanaro, L. Biagi, B. Ghelarducci, M. Guazzelli, E. L. Santarcangelo


The aim of the experiment was to study whether the activity of the primary sensory-motor (S1/M1), supplementary motor (SMA) and pre-motor (PMA) areas during fingers movement is modulated by hypnotic susceptibility and hypnosis. Cortical activity was studied through functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) during a finger-to-thumb opposition task in awake (Highs) and hypnotized highly susceptible (H-Highs) as well as in awake non susceptible subjects (Lows). Results did not show any significant difference in sensory-motor areas activation between Highs and Lows (trait effect) and between Highs and H-Highs (state effect). The activation in 3 subjects among Highs and only 1 among Lows (out of 5) of the caudal S1, receiving the most part of the cutaneous input, appears noteworthy and prompts further investigation on possible hypnotizability-related differences in sensory-motor integration.

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