Activation-dependent descending reflex evacuation motority of anal canal in rat model

Radomir Radomirov, Negrin Negrev, Dimitar Evlogiev Itzev, Galya Stavreva


The motor responses of the anal canal as a display of the activation of the recto-anal reflex pathways underlying evacuation motority were studied in an isolated rat recto-anal model preparation using (i) partitioned organ bath, (ii) electrical stimulation, (iii) balloon distension and (iv) morphological techniques. Electrical field stimulation applied to the anal canal or to the distal part of the rectum elicited tetrodotoxin (10-7 M)-sensitive frequency-dependent local or descending contractions of the anal canal and the local responses were bigger in amplitude (14.9±1.35 nN) than the descending contractions (5.3±0.7 mN at frequency of 5 Hz, p<0.05). The balloon-induced distension of the distal rectum evoked descending responses of the anal canal consisting of a short contraction (1.50±0.18 mN) followed by deep relaxation (3.12±0.34 mN). In the presence of atropine (3x10-7 M) the electrically-elicited (5 Hz) local or descending contractions of the anal canal were suppressed and a relaxation revealed. The initial contraction component of the distension-induced response was decreased while the relaxation was not changed. During atropine treatment, spantide (10-7 M) lowered even more the contractile component of the anal canal response. NG-nitro-L-arginine (5x10-4 M) enhanced the contraction, prevented the atropine-dependent relaxation of the electrically-elicited response and inhibited the distension-induced relaxation. L-Arginine (5x10-4 M) suppressed the contraction and extended the relaxation. ChAT-, substance P- and NADPH-diaphorase-positive prikarya and nerve fibers were observed in myenteric ganglia of the anal canal. The results suggest activation-dependent descending reflex motority of the anal canal involving electrical stimulation-displayed cholinergic and tachykininergic and distension-manifested nitrergic neuro-muscular communications.


anal canal, descending reflex motority

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