Exploring atypical locations of mammalian neural stem cells: the human filum terminale

Mercy Varghese, Havard Olstorn, Wayne Murrell, Iver Arne Langmoen


Neurogenesis is a multifactorial event determined by local environmental cues, inherent cellular program as well as cellular milieu and may not necessarily be restricted to the SVZ and SGZ. NSCs have been isolated from or neurogenesis has been demonstrated in traditionally non neurogenic regions. This more permissive view of neurogenesis, however, is not widely accepted due to concerns regarding the methodologies used. Furthermore, it is compounded by the fact that the basal levels of increased neurogenesis in such regions has not been completely confirmed and thus preclude a paradigm shift. Were this non limited view of neurogenesis to be generally accepted after thorough investigation, it would open new avenues for regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.


Neurogeneisi; Neural Stem Cell; Filum Terminale; Human

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4449/aib.v148i2.1134


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