Recent developments in automatic scoring of rodent sleep

Stefano Bastianini, Chiara Berteotti, Alessandro Gabrielli, Viviana Lo Martire, Alessandro Silvani, Giovanna Zoccoli


Sleep research carried out on rat and mouse model led to the publication of more than 5000 papers in the last 15 years, of which more than 500 in 2014. Wake-sleep scoring represents a crucial step of the work performed in pre-clinical sleep laboratories; it is a time consuming task and a potential source of errors affecting research outcomes. Several algorithms have been developed to perform automatic sleep scoring. Automatic scoring can accelerate the work of researchers substantially. Moreover, the use of sleep scoring algorithms facilitates the direct comparison of the results produced in different laboratories, with clear advantages from the viewpoint of the advancement of science and reduction of the number of animals used for research.

The intent of this review is to provide the readers with the last developments in scoring in rodent sleep and to stress about the need of a cross-lab and cross-species validated algorithm.



Automatic Scoring; Sleep; Rodents; Mice; Rats

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