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Vol. 142, No. 4 - In honour of M. Jouvet Uncoupling proteins and sleep deprivation. Abstract   PDF
C. Cirelli, G. Tononi
Vol. 145, No 3/4 - In honour of S. Tyc-Dumont Understanding motoneurone development explains spinal muscular atrophy. Abstract   PDF
G. Vrbová
Vol 77, No 17 (1926) Une nouvelle combinaison hémosulfhydrique. Avec 1 Planche Details
A. Dalla Volta
Vol. 74, fasc. 14 Une particularité non négligeable des dendrites de la cellule nerveuse Details
A. Pensa
Vol. 106, fasc. 3 Unit responses to visual stimuli in the superior colliculus of the unanesthetized, mid-pontine cat Details
J.M. Sprague, P.L. Marchiafava, G. Rizzolatti
Vol. 98, fasc. 3 Unitary analysis of the response elicited in the visual cortex cat Details
L. Widen, C. Ajmone Marsan
Vol 150, No 2/3 (2012): Neural correlates of consciousness in pathology and healthy volunteers Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome Abstract   PDF
Steven Laureys, Mélanie Boly
Vol. 135, No. 4 - Motor Functions, In Memory of G. Moruzzi Upregulation of Calbindin-D-28k immunoreactivity by excitatory amino acids. Abstract   PDF
C. Batini, M. Guegan, M. Palestini, M. Thomasset, R. Vigot
Vol 151, No 2 (2013) Up-regulation of neuronal and astrocytic GLT-1 mRNA in the hippocampal CA1 subfield during the induction of brain ischemic tolerance in rats Abstract   PDF
Min Cao, Min Zhang, Lian-Wei Zhang, Jian-Xue Gong, Cui-Juan Liang, Wen-Bin Li
Vol. 143, No. 2 Using biosensors to detect the release of serotonin from taste buds during taste stimulation. Abstract
Y.-J. Huang, Y. Maruyama, K.-S. Lu, E. Pereira, I. Plonsky, J. E. Baur, D. Wu, S. D. Roper
Suppl. - Symposium in honour of Pompeiano & Wilson V. Integrative functions Abstract   PDF
Vol. 116, fasc. 1 Vagal and reticular influence on the first-order proprioceptive neurons of the mesenchephalic trigeminal nucleus in birds Details
E. Manni, R. Bortolami, M. Passatore, R. Perinetti Casoni, M.L. Lucchi
Vol 83, No 23 (1930) Valentino Grandis Necrologio Details
Vol 77, No 17 (1926) Variation de résistance lectrique de la glande sous-maxillaire durant l'activité fonctionelle Details
E. Peserico
Vol. 72 fasc.12 Variations de l'azote total, aminique, ammoniacal et de l'eau dans l'oeuf de poule pendant l'incubation. Details
A. Aggazzotti
Vol 86, No 26 (1931) Variations de l'échange respiratoire à la suite, du pneumothorax et de l'oléothorax expérimental Details
G. Ceruti
Vol 87, No 27 (1932) Variations locales de la pression artérielle par action des rayons solaires Details
G. Di Macco
Vol 71, No 11 (1922) VERCESI PLANCHES Details
Vol. 109, fasc. 2 Vestibular and somatosensory evoked centrifugal cutaneous nerve discharges in the derecerebrate-decerebellate-phalanger trichosurus vulpecula Details
D. Megirian
Vol. 138, No. 1 Vestibular capture of the perceived distance of passive linear self motion. Abstract   PDF
L. R. Harris, M. Jenkin, D. C. Zikovitz
Vol. 131, No. 2-3, Dedicated to E. Manni Vestibular compensation is affected by treatment with dopamine active agents. Abstract   PDF
L. Petrosini, M. E. Dell' Anna
Vol. 108, fasc. 1 Vestibular control of autonomic functions during the rapid eye movements of desynchronized sleep Details
A.R. Morrison, O. Pompeiano
Vol. 106, fasc. 4 Vestibular control of laryngeal and phrenic motoneurons of cat Details
D. Megirian
Vol. 131, No. 2-3, Dedicated to E. Manni Vestibular control of posture and gait. Abstract   PDF
M. Lacour, L. Borel
Vol. 107, fasc. 3 Vestibular control of transmission in primary afferents to the lumbar spinal cord Details
W.A. Cook, A. Cangiano, O. Pompeiano
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